YouTube Comments: Do You Really Need Them? This Will Help You Decide!

YouTube comments are a topic that is in wide debate amongst the YouTube community. Some people on the platform choose to turn their comments off. It is advised by YouTube that you try to engage your viewers. Comments is a great way to do this. Therefore, it is encouraged to leave your comments on. You will notice that the best Youtubers out there will ask their viewers to Like, Comment and Subscribe and there are some very valid reasons as to why they do this.  

 So, why do we really need comments on our videos?

 To engage with your audience

Comments on videos are very important. It gives you a chance to engage with your audience and allow them to participate. You are able to communicate with your viewers and subscribers in a more personal way. It allows your viewers to discuss the topics at hand in the video. This will allow you to get to know your viewers more and keep them interested in your content. You should spend the same time interacting with your YouTube comments as your other social media accounts.

 It allows you to make your channel better

There are sometimes some negative words found in YouTube comments section. A lot of the time these are just trolls. However, there is valid criticism found there that you can use to help improve your channel. Whether this be that you need to improve your audio quality or your hand shakes too much. You are able to look at these comments and apply them to your future videos and improve your content.

 You can get ideas for future videos

Often people will comment what they want to see next from you and if you want to get more comments like this then ask for them. This will allow you to know exactly what your following wants to see instead of just guessing. The comment section will also give you an indication of what videos are doing good and are well received, so that you know to do more of them in the future. A lot of inspiration can come from YouTube comments, which is why it is advisable to leave them on.

 More feedbacks, more views

Video engagement is a huge factor found in the YouTube algorithm. The most important reason you need a lot of comments is to get higher engagement. As well as the number of likes and views, comments will also help YouTube determine how engaged your video is. If your video has high engagement, YouTube will praise this. This means that it will be more likely that you can appear in people’s suggested or home pages. It will help you reach a broader audience and draw in a bigger following. A trending video that shows up in people’s recommended videos list can get way more views.

So how can you get more comments?

Ask your viewers for them

Do like most YouTubers do and ask your viewers to leave comments. At the beginning or end of your videos make sure to ask people to comment. Ask them questions and get them to put their answers in the comment section.

Host comment competitions

A lot of channels out there are hosting comment competitions. They ask their viewers a question or ask them to submit something via the comments to encourage people to interact more. They then select a winner. This entices people who wouldn’t normally leave a comment to do so.

Buy comments

One of the easiest ways to get more comments for your videos is to buy cheap YouTube comments. If you want your videos to get more views and want to build more channel awareness quickly then this might be the best option for you. If you are struggling to get people to interact in the comments you can pay for real comments to appear under your videos. There are different packs available so you can decide how many comments you want to pay for.

 Reasons why you would consider disabling YouTube comments

 You are expecting to get a lot of bad comments

Probably the most common reason for disabling comments is that you think you are going to get a lot of bad press. If a YouTuber is involved in some sort of controversy, they will experience getting a lot of hate at least for a while. In these cases, you will find a lot of YouTubers will disable theirs comments in order to protect themselves and their reputation. However, viewers might not trust a YouTuber who does this, as it will look like they are hiding from something.

The video you are posting is controversial

When you know that you are posting a controversial topic, such as gun control, politics or anything that might get a lot of torn views on the matter you will probably get some comments that can be hateful. Whether these comments are directed at the YouTuber themselves or whether it is directed at a particular community it is never nice to see. This might be a time you want to disable the comments to avoid this.

The video is for private use and you don’t want it to be public

If you have created a video that is just for internal or private use, then disabling the comments might be a good idea. This is because if someone does find it that shouldn’t have, they won’t be able to post any comments that could disrupts its internal use. However, if you do want the people who you do want to see it to be able to comment then it might be better to set the comments to ‘require moderation’, so that you can allow the ones who should be commenting to do so.

Overall there is more good than bad in allowing people to comment on your video. It is clear that the more comments you get more YouTube will promote you. If you want your YouTube channel to go far then you should encourage as many people to comment as possible as the more comments you get the better your channel will do. If you take anything away from this article, it should be that you need a lot of comments for your channel to be a success.