Friday, September 21, 2018
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Zalman Announces Reserator 3 CPU Cooler

Zalman has finally announced their Reserator 3 closed-loop CPU cooler, which we actually got a first hand look at during CES in January. The Reserator 3 is an all-in-one liquid cooling system with all of the major components pre-assembled and coolant filled. This will follow their all-in-one entry last year of the CNPS20LQ, which was based off an Asetek design so it looked like many of the other coolers out there.

Zalman Reserator 3

The Reserator 3 on the other hand has a very unique design that is unlike many other all-in-one units out there. The design integrates elements from Zalman’s own CNPS line of air CPU coolers, has large amounts of chrome-plating and LED lighting. Heat dissipation is taken care of by a large heatsink that uses a series of coolant tubes and heat pipes, instead of the normal liquid-cooling radiator. The heatsink is ventilated by a 120 mm custom designed fan. Zalman is claiming that the cooler can handle thermal loads as high as 400W. Zalman did not release pricing.

Source: Zalman | News Archive

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