Zalman CNPS10X Performa CPU Cooler Review

All testing was done with the RC24P adapter installed, which kept the fan at silent running for the entire time. Intel EIST, TurboBoost, and idle states were disabled in the BIOS prior to testing. Idle temperatures were taken after the rig sat idle for 30 minutes. Load temperatures were taken after running Prime95 Large FFTs for 30 minutes.

I compared the CNPS 10X Performa to two other Zalman coolers, the CNPS 10X Extreme and the CNPS 9900LED.


Next I overclocked the i7 920 to 3.9gHz. That isn’t quite the max clock I’ve gotten but close. I raised the CPU voltage to 1.425v and the QPI voltage to 1.25v, which will heat things up quite a bit.