Zalman Z9 Neo White Case Review

Zalman Z9 Neo Case Overview
Like I said we received the white version of the case. It is pretty much all white with black trim around the front. The case itself is a mid tower and has the official dimensions of 205 x 490 x 482. It is primarily made of steel with plastic at the top and front.

Zalman Z9 Neo White Case

Starting at the front of the case we actually have a door. It gives the case a very clean look. Towards the bottom of the front is a small Zalman logo. The case door opens to the right. Opening it up we discover two 5.25-inch drive bays. Below them in a large ventilated section. The door itself actually features a nice layer of sound dampening material.

Zalman Z9 Neo White Case Zalman Z9 Neo White Case

Moving up to the top of the case we find all of our buttons and connections. These include a large power button on the far left, smaller reset button, headphone and microphone connections, two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports.

Zalman Z9 Neo White Case

The rest of the top of the case is pretty plain except for a rather interesting ventilated section towards the back.


The main side panel of the case features a clear window. The window is centered, but is not like some of the large full panel windows we’ve seen lately. At the bottom right there is a Z9 Neo logo. From the side you can see the ventilation holes at the top and front of the case. These allow for proper airflow throughout your case.

Zalman Z9 Neo White Case

Moving on to the back of the case at the top we have a 120 mm exhaust fan. Moving down there are seven expansion slots, some ventilation, and finally the power supply mount is on the bottom. You will also notice thumbscrews on each side panel, which will make getting into your case quite easy.

Zalman Z9 Neo Case

On the bottom of the case you have four feet that lift the case off the ground to provide proper airflow. There is a removable fan filter that sits below where your power supply will be mounted.


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