Zalman Z9 Neo White Case Review

To start installation the first thing we will be installing is our motherboard. It goes in very easily and one thing I did notice was that the bottom of the motherboard was not completely flush with the top of the PSU cover. I like this as it makes it easier to connect wires to the headers at the bottom of the board.


Next we have hard drive installation. I started with a solid state drive. I wanted it install it in the main part of the case on one of the SSD mounts. If you are going to install a drive here it is definitely a good idea to wire your drive before you install it here, or it is going to be impossible to once you have the drive installed. Now I installed my drive with the connections towards the front of the case. You can install the drive either way, but each way that you do it cable routing is going to be close. There is an opening at the end of the each of the mounts towards the front of the case. Unfortunately these holes are not that big, if Zalman made them a bit bigger it would make installation much, much easier. You secure your hard drive on the mount with four screws.


Once installed with the cables going out the back you can see just how clean it looks.


Next we have our 3.5-inch hard drive. It easily goes into the hard drive drive and we simply slide it right back into the case.

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The power supply slides in from the back part of the case and you secure it with three screws. Our power supply is kinda short, but you should have any problems with full-size ATX power supplies.


Now it is time to wire everything up, the included velcro cable organizers really helped with that. I was able to organize most of my cables using these and there are plenty of zip-ties included to help with wiring as well. As you can see on the back of the case there are quite a few tie-down points.


Moving around to the main side of the case it is time to install our graphics card, which we had no problem getting in. As you can see we have a very clean install with minimal wiring.


With the side panel back on the case you can see just how much of the interior of the case is shown off.


When you power the system on the blue LED fans really light up the inside of the case. You will actually see the lights from the side panel as well as out of the top of the case. Also the front panel connections have a cool light effect as well.

Zalman Z9 Neo White Case

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