Zephyrus Releases First Graphics Card With A Pink PCB

If you’re unfamiliar with Zephyr, there’s no need to be concerned. It’s simply another brand that sells only a couple of cards exclusively in the Chinese market. The recent model found by @harukze5719 is noteworthy because it’s the first graphics card known to have a genuine pink PCB.

IMG 5864

Although there were numerous cards adorned with ‘waifu’ or anime-inspired designs, including pink and colorful shrouds, no established brand had released a card with a pink board design. Producing such a vibrant color would probably require a dedicated production line and supplier. However, for a company with only two cards in their entire lineup, it could actually be feasible.

IMG 5863

The Zephyr RTX 3060 Ti is a non-OC card that shares specifications with the older RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6 variant. It features a single 8-pin power connector, 8GB of memory, and a standard boost clock of 1750 MHz. While its noteworthy ITX form factor design stands out, there is nothing particularly exceptional about this card, aside from the unique color of the board.

IMG 5862

Numerous efforts were made to cater to this specific niche market, but typically, such models were restricted to specific mid-range GPUs, with no indication of pink designs extending to the enthusiast segment. The RTX 3060 Ti from Zephyr follows the same trend and does not deviate from this pattern.

Via Videocardz