Zotac Releases the StreamBox and RAIDbox

Zotac has released two devices that make sharing and viewing your media very easy. The Zotac StreamBox is a media player that will allow you to wirelessly transmit you photos, audio and video to the device for easy viewing on your television. The RAIDbox on the other hand is a USB 3.0 enclosure that supports two mSATA solid state drives. This is the first RAID mSATA enclosure that we have seen.

The StreamBox looks much like Zotac’s Zbox Mini series. It is small and should fit pretty much anywhere in your home theater. You connect it to your display via HDMI and it does have a USB port so you can play media that way as well. What makes the Streambox shine is the wireless streaming capability. You can wireless play media from your laptop or mobile devices using DLNA or via Miracast compatibility on Android.


The RAIDbox gives users blazing fast external storage in their pocket. The USB 3.0 enclosure can accommodate up to two mSATA solid state drives. They can be configured in RAID 0, RAID 1 and JBOD modes. The USB 3.0 connection should be able to keep up with the mSATA drives you install. Unlike many USB portable enclosures the RAIDbox does require external power, Zotac provides a USB to power cable though.


No word yet on pricing or availability on either device.

Source: Zotac | News Archive

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