Zotac Unveils Two 4GB GeForce GTX 960 Graphics Cards

Looks like Zotac is showing up to the GTX 960 4 GB party with not one but two different graphics cards. The first card is their normal GTX 960 4 GB model (ZT-90308-10M), which does feature a minor overclock of 1177 MHz core with 1240 MHz boost (vs. reference clocks of 1126/1178 MHz).


The second card is Zoctac’s AMP! Ediiton Card (ZT-90309-10M) that offers a higher factory overclock at 1266 MHz core with a 1329 MHz boost.


Both cards feature a dual-fan cooling solution, but the AMP’s is a little bit more beefy. They both draw power from a single 8pin PCI-Express power connector and have back plates. Display outputs include both DisplayPort 1.2, one HDMI 2.0 and one DVI.

Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive

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