10 Reasons to Stay Home

Self-isolation is often and majorly seen as something bad by a lot of people. Do a quick ask around and you would find out that most people don’t fancy the term or the state of self-isolation. Some people even link it to depression or a state of lower mental health. This, however, is not the case for most people. Self-isolations come with its pros and cons, but due to the society we live in many people don’t even see the pros. Obviously, one needs to go our once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you should go to the club every day or the store when you can get certain things done easily from the comfort of your home.

  1. You can be 100% yourself

No one is watching when you are home, and simply you get to do the things that others would often stop you from doing or the things that people might tag ‘old fashion or trash’. You could decide to wake at any time and go to bed at any time. You get to watch contents you wouldn’t be able to see when with people either because they don’t fancy or like. For example, all your friends don’t like Horror Movies, you get to watch all the Horror movies or series that you want at your own pace and for your own pleasure and not others. You could even play online casinos for real money (but visit this site to check blacklisted casinos first) without ever thinking about anyone catching you at the table or even going to Las Vegas.

  1. Staying at Home is Free

One of the benefits of staying at home is food is already paid for, and you don’t need to pay extra cash. From your monthly budget, you would have allocated food money and wouldn’t have to spend extra if you stay home. If you go out, you could get tempted to try a new place or get a burger from your favourite place. It is often hard to not spend money going out. Going out is what funds the economy. Oops! Did I say that out loud? However, in terms of entertainment, there are a lot of free or low budget platforms that provide premium content.

  1. Staying at home can save your energy

Instead of walking or cycling to that coffee shop to chat with friends which is good, you can as well sit at home watching television or reading novels or sleep. All of this requires less energy, and even the latter revives your depleted energy.

  1. Avoid wasting time

A lot of distracting things out there from concerts which are physically draining, movies which keep taking your money or favourite eateries which take your money and your time can be eliminated by just staying at home. You probably spend a lot of time travelling from place to place, however, that time could be used to learn a new skill or even improve on new ones. You could even play online casinos for real money via online casino websites without stressing yourself and maximize your time and money.

  1. You can ‘Stick-It’ to Mainstream

Everyone especially the older generation (sponsored by mainstream media) keeps saying things such as the younger generation is more focused on social media and staying to themselves. Who cares? Nobody! We don’t need to defined by some certain standard of what life should be for us. If we love to stay indoors and keep to ourselves, it is nobody’s business.

  1. Avoid Meaningless Conversations

When would you waste your time talking about meaningless things when you can be freelancing or making money via online casino websites. Certain conversations are not necessary at all. Since they don’t make any impact, it is better to sit at home and find your inner peace.

  1. You Don’t Have to Worry About Anyone Else

You’re home all by yourself, who or what exactly are you going to look after? Nobody. With people, you have to be conscious for everyone, you don’t want someone’s mother on your case because your friend didn’t come home early. Again, you want to be careful with what you say because certain opinions are not well taken by others.

  1. You Have More Choices

You define whatever you want to do when alone. You wouldn’t want to watch horror because your girlfriend doesn’t like it. You are limited with your choices when around people. You could wear whatever you like at home, and try the different things you have thought of.

  1. Spend More Time with Your Loved Ones

You get more time with family. Family is the first group of people who have got your back and are always there, and if you live with your parents and siblings, you could use a period of self-isolation to bond and share certain stories. You get good laughs and memories.

  1. Protect everyone else

At the time of this writing, the world is a fighting coronavirus, a deadly virus which gets easily transmitted with contact. With self-isolation, we flatten the transmission curve and with time defeat the virus. It is important to stay at home when you are down with the flu (or go to the hospital) to protect your friends and family.