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EVGA Preparing GeForce GTX 780 Ti KingPin Edition

K|NGP|N is now on the team with EVGA and they have joined hands to work together on a new GeForce graphic card. It has been said that this card is being under development to be introduced as the fastest card in the graphic world.

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Intel’s 2014 Thunderbolt Controller Detailed

Intel is planning a lot to keep their Thunderbolt technology competitive against USB in 2014. VR-Zone has obtained documents that show that Intel is planning to bring features that are found in USB and Ethernet to the Thunderbolt platform. These new features include the ability to charge devices and transfer files between computers using a straight connection.

Razer Kraken Forged Edition
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Razer Launches Kraken Forged Edition Headphones

Razer has just announced the Kraken Forged Edition Headphones. These headphones are made for both gamers and audiophiles to create the best experience possible. With an ultra-premium fit and durable, brushed aluminum finish these headphones offer full bodied sound that's built to last.

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iBuyPower Steam Machine Revealed

iBuyPower has finally given away its own alternative and the Steam Machine is not the least bit on the cheaper or affordable side by the attractiveness will surely catch everyone by interest. It appears to be everything that a gamer can wish for and is perfect for those who pay equal amount of attention to the physical attributes.

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New Radeon R9 290 Cards Can Not be Unlocked To R9 290X

AMD’s newest Radeon R9 290 graphic card seems to be doing pretty fine for its start with the higher affordability and higher gaming performance. And with the aid of a simple BIOS flash, the card can also be unlocked into the Radeon R9 290X which is the much faster version. Most of the cards don’t come with the option which allows them to be unlocked however those that do seem to be going away at a fast pace.

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Black Edition Spotted

A GTX Titan has been pointed out by Videocardz and it is said to be attached with black heatsink which has the matte finish to it and makes the entire thing look very appealing. The Titan cooler had been a hit since it was first introduced and this pretty much explains why it is still being put to use in the GeForce GTX 770, GeForce GTX 780 and the flagship GeForce GTX 780 Ti which are NVIDIA’s top graphic cards.

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SAPPHIRE Releases Performance Boost BIOS for R9 290

SAPPHIRE has made yet another announcement introducing a special BIOS exclusive for this graphics card which will aid in performance boost. With its release, the SAPPHIRE R9 290 brought forward the enthusiast level performance and for those who think of the flagship R9 290X model to be too overly priced, they can have all the new features at a more affordable rate in the SAPPHIRE R9 290.

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AMD Kaveri APU Platform Details Unveiled

It was revealed at the introductory announcement that the APU was featuring the four Steamroller B cores and GCN based graphics. This was about two weeks ago and by now we have been able to get our hands on some more details regarding how the new platform will work and what are the features which surely everyone by now wants to know.

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