5 Reasons to use VPN

VPN grows ever more relevant in today’s world. It is on everyone’s lips nowadays – mostly for its perfect anonymity services. But there are even more reasons to get a VPN deal than just that.

What is a VPN?

What is a VPN? They notoriously help you with a lot of privacy and security issues, but how does a VPN work, exactly? What does it do to protect you?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The work ‘private’ implies you won’t have to share your information with anyone, and that’s exactly what happens. Basically, VPN puts itself between you and the website you’d like to visit. All information to and from your computer goes through this network.

Usually your data would go through a server in order for you to visit a website. But with VPN, your data would first go to the dedicated VPN server and then to whoever requests it. It helps in a lot of ways, and you’ll see exactly how in a few moments.

The most crucial benefit of it is that it’s encrypted. So, whatever you’re doing, people can’t hack into your computer and they mostly can’t track your activities online. If you want to know the exact procedure, look https://hidemy.name/en/vpn/ for more information.

Reasons to use VPN

There are many wise reasons why you might consider using VPN, but let’s talk about just a few major points.

Anonymity, Security and Smooth Browsing

These are the key advantages VPNs offer their users. It can’t be emphasized enough how much privacy and security improve your online experience. Thanks to VPN, you can deny everyone online the pleasure of collection your information.

It means that the websites can’t sell your information and that nobody, not even the government, can track your activity. Often even the VPN providers themselves don’t know what websites you visited and what you did on them, because they don’t record your history.

Therefore, when they try to access your computer for information that could benefit them – to know more about you as a buyer or to know exactly where you live – they are either given nothing or the fake data that will throw them off your trace.

Not only can you visit any website, but you can do it through the public connection. No one will be able to gain access to your information – not the website owners, nor the hackers. All thanks to the effective encryption that VPN provides.

Furthermore, VPN services have many servers, and you can switch between them freely. First of all, it means that you can shorten the distance between the desired website and your ‘server’, which will improve your loading speed.

Be wary, however: if you pick a server that is further away from the website server than your own is, your connection may slow down, instead. Luckily, you can pick an new server just as easily.

Accessing Geoblocked Content

Individual websites choose to block some of their content to the users from certain countries, for legal or business reasons. Netflix, for instance, may ban you from watching a show based on your location.

As you might’ve already understood, switching between the servers in different locations also changes how websites perceive you. If you decided to use a VPN server located in America, then you would be able to watch everything that an American could watch.

The websites can’t do anything about it – they can’t track you to ban you from using their content individually. Nor will they – they won’t go to such lengths just to lose a customer. Consequently, Free VPN has almost no opposition in the Internet. It’s here to stay.

Taking advantages of online deals

To sweeten the pill further, you can save money by using these private networks. Products have different prices in different countries. The same product in Africa will be much cheaper than in America. Africans just won’t buy it otherwise.

And since you have the power to change your location at will with VPN, you guessed it – you can make websites charge you less simply by changing the server on your VPN service.

Just like that, you can gain unintended discounts from the sellers. VPNs generally have you pay money to use them. However, through this clever ruse you can compensate some of your losses. Isn’t it great?

Unlimited Instagram Accounts

Many VPN providers also have a large supply of proxy servers. These devices allow you to constantly change your location on an even larger scale than VPNs. Instagram obviously only allows you to create several accounts on one device. Well, with proxies you have an edge.

Proxy servers are all devices in their own right, they have their own IP and as long as you have new proxies, you can create as many Instagram accounts as you want. The potential is really limitless.

And it’s not only confined to Instagram accounts. You can use proxies in situations when you need to send multiple signals from multiple devices. VPN services like hidemy.name have large libraries of them.

You can do the same with VPNs, since they and proxies work alike. However, the number of accounts will be a lot less, because you can’t switch between VPN servers quite as frequently.

Automated Data Scraping

Since websites can get suspicious if you try to scrape a lot of data at once, you need several devices that would look like several people visiting the same website at the same time from different places.

While you use your scraping software (often in package with VPN) to collect all the information you need from the website from different proxies, the target website is none the wiser.

Therefore, if you would like to boot an automated data scraping without alerting anyone, you’ll need a VPN. And if you want to know even more about proxies and how you could use them, try this website to keep yourself educated.