ADATA Industrial DDR5-4800 Memory To Enter Mass Production Soon

ADATA Technology has announced its new generation of industrial-grade DDR5 memory modules. The modules come in UDIMM and SO-DIMM variants. They use selected high-quality ICs and will come in capacities of 8GB and above. In comparison to DDR4, DDR5 modules have 2x bandwidth and offer higher frequencies of up to 4800MHz. Moreover, they only operate on 1.1V for which improves energy efficiency.

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The industrial-grade DDR5 memory modules feature Power Management ICs (PMIC). PMIC’s shift power management functionality from motherboards to memory modules which provides more efficient adjustment of voltage for enhanced stability and performance. The modules go through testing to ensure reliability and performance. They also have Thermal Sensor technology and on-die error-correcting code, which prevents overheating and maintains stable and accurate signal transmissions.

Not only this, but consumer modules add other value-added features to their modules as per their needs. The features include 30µ PCB gold plating for improved signal transmission reliability, anti-sulfuration protection, and conformal coating technology for resilience against pollution, dust, and humidity.

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They will be used in various fields like Smart Healthcare, Edge Computing, High-Performance Computing, Automated Vehicles. As per Yole Developments, DDR5 memory shipments will outnumber DDR4 shipments by 2023, and by 202, DDR5 will have a 90% market share. DDR5 will be the undisputed standard of the future and a key component of 5G, AIoT, and other applications.

ADATA’s modules will enter mass production in Q4 2021. The company also has plans to offer modules with other specifications like R-DIMM, ECC to cater to the needs of different applications and customers.