ADATA XPG INFAREX K20 Gaming Keyboard Review


As there is no software available for the INFAREX K20, the lighting options included are quite limited. Found just to the right of the Function keys are three dedicated lighting control buttons, LED-, MODE, and LED+, which are used to switch between lighting modes, and adjust their speed. While the MODE button can cycle through 11 different lighting modes such as Static, Breathing, and different row illuminations, there is no per-key lighting adjustment to be found. In addition, each row can only illuminate in a single color, so the top row will always be red, and the bottom row will always be purple. This is a real disappointment. And although it is not touted as being RGB, the K20 may leave a sour taste in the mouths of gamers looking for a bit more customization in their keyboard’s lighting. And if you make adjustments to one lighting mode, and then switch to another mode, all previously set adjustments are forgotten. We hate to keep bagging on this keyboard, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the poor LED color quality of the Kailh Blue switches. In particular are the following three: Orange, Yellow, and Purple, which look more like Brown, Orange and Pink. While the stock images of the K20 show the correct colors, they are not an accurate representation of the end product. The final note regarding the INFAREX K20’s lighting is the variation of brightness across the rows. This is most noticeable in the center green row which appears much brighter than the other rows, and the brown row, which is quite a bit darker, probably due to the smaller font size used along this row.

INFAREX K20 14 Custom

INFAREX K20 13 Custom

INFAREX K20 12 Custom