Adesso Xtreme H3 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Setup & Usage
Getting the headphones setup for use is pretty easy. The first thing you are going to want to do is charge them. Use the included USB cable, which can be plugged into your PC or any USB-compatible charger. When the headphones are charging a small red LED will turn, once charging is complete the red LED will turn blue.

Now all you have to do is pair the headset with your chosen device. To turn the headset on and put it in pairing mode you will need to hold in the power button for six seconds. There will an audible voice from the headset that says “Power On” and “Pairing Mode”. Also the LEDs on the headset will blink red and blue alternatively. Once in pairing mode the Xtreme H3 should show up under your Bluetooth devices section of your device. Select it and click pair and you are good to go. I was easily able to pair the Xtreme H3 with my Windows 8 laptop and my iPhone 5s. Also the pairing system is the same as the their Xtreme S2 portable Bluetooth speaker so if you are familiar with that then you can easily get the headphones paired.


Now that you have the Xtreme H3 paired you are now ready to listen to music. I listened to quite a lot of music with the Xtreme H3 from rock to hip-hop to EDM. The headset itself is quite comfortable the cushions on the earcups and headband give you the proper support, but like any other headset like this after about 2.5 hours with the headset you need to take it off to adjust. The Xtreme H3 has some pretty impressive sound, everything I listened to on it sounded very crisp and smooth. Bass was actually quite good too, it sounded powerful and clear. It did however get distorted at higher volume levels.

As far as distance goes Bluetooth technology allows for 30 feet before you start losing the signal. I was able to listen to music in my kitchen, which is about 20 feet from my office and through quite a few walls with no issue at all. There was no real issue with connectivity with the headset at all. There is also a microphone on the headset which allows you to take calls. I took a few calls using the headset and while the person on the other end could hear my clearly they did say that I sounded far away.

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