Alienware Concept Polaris Can House Up To 16-Inch Graphics Cards And Features Built-In Liquid Cooling

Concept Polaris by Alienware aims to convert portable gaming solutions into enthusiast-tier machines. It is an External GPU Enclosure with the ability to house 16-Inch Graphics Cards and has built-in liquid cooling.

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Since the introduction of Alienware’s Graphics Amplifier(an external GPU solution that came with an internal PSU and could house up to 10.5-inch graphics cards) in 2014, many eGPU options have hit the market. Some fine examples include the CoolerMaster MasterCase EG200 (with 12.79-inch support), AORUS RTX 3080 gaming box (with 6.65-inch support), and the Razer Core X (with 13-inch support).

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Alienware has come up with Concept Polaris, an upgraded eGPU solution targeting its core user base, enthusiasts. The new upgraded solution will supposedly be designed on a futuristic Alienware Legend 2.0 ID theme which includes features like Alien FX loop lighting as well as remarkable cable routing.

CO0F901 820x547 1
The company plans to make the interior much more spacious. It will be done so by removing the internal PSU and using 330W AC adapters to reroute the power. To make the enclosure compatible with the most powerful GPUs, another rather powerful variant will also be available that uses dual 425W AC adapters.