All You Need To Know About GTA 6

We have been hearing a lot about GTA 6 for quite a while now. All we know for now is that we might have to wait for a couple of years before we get to play the next GTA blockbuster.

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People over at Rockstar won’t open up about GTA 6 so all the information about the game has been gathered from leaks and rumors. Many leaksters report that GTA 6 may be out in 2024 or even 2025. Considering the current situation, Youtuber Tom Henderson states that GTA 6 is in early development.

Henderson also said that he hasn’t followed GTA leaks as he was absorbed in the Battlefield situation. However, the content shared on his YouTube channel is what he has heard from several sources.

Considering GTA 5’s success, Rockstart might not speed things up for GTA 6’s release. Simultaneously, the word is that Rockstar is emphasising on employee well-being.

Rockstar will release GTA 6 on PC and the latest gaming consoles. Since GTA 6 will take its sweet time to arrive, it will attract a huge number of compatible console owners skyrocketing their sales. The same thing will happen in the PC segment where the GPU supply issue will hopefully be resolved by then.

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As far as the setting is concerned, Henderson says it will come with the modern look of GTA Vice City. Rockstar might also add new locations to the map in the future.