Alphacool’s Sleeving Kit For Modders

Alphacool is slowly placing themselves as the go to modding company by providing the parts and tools that modders really need. After the launch of their extremely popular Eiskoffer Bending Kit in 2017 they are adding to their tool line with the addition of a complete PSU Sleeving Tool Kit and Crimping Tool Kit.

Included in the Sleeving Kit you get the Crimping Kit, complete with a full set of depinning tools and a sleeving tube. The rest of the Sleeving Tool Kit includes an automatic wire stripper, ratchet crimpers (with replacement teeth), wire snips, and of course a tape measure.

Sleeving Kit 1 of 2

This kit solves the problem that many new modders find in choosing the tools they need. Using their years of experience the guys at Alphacool put together a set that includes solid, quality tools and everything you need aside from supplies to re-sleeve a power supply. We are looking forward to the product launch shortly in Q1 for around $40-50.

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