HyperX Makes It So Your RGB Memory Never Goes Out Of Sync

2017 was the year of RGB, but 2018 is going to see some refinements. It is possible for current RGB memory to become out of sync, meaning the colors on some sticks may not match the other sticks. HyperX has revised the RGB modules in their memory to keep your memory sticks in sync.

HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB works by having one stick as a controller and then the others relay the RGB data. HyperX demonstrated this concept by having a small card that you could insert between the memory sticks. Doing so would cause any stick on the opposite of the controller side to become out of sync. Remove the card, and almost immediately all of the sticks would become back in sync.

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The system does have some limitations. Since a thin card could break the sync, that means that if you have two memory banks of four slots, if the gap is too big between the banks, not all 8 sticks will be in sync. Syncing will be limited to the four sticks in each memory bank.

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HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB is expected to launch in 2018 with similar speeds to the current Predator line.