AMD “Kaveri” Desktop APU Launch Date Revealed

A lot of anticipation had been lurking around and many speculations were being made since the announcement of AMD’s next-generation desktop APU which has been codenamed as “Kaveri”. Well, to light up the anticipation, there has been a little revelation and some piece of information has been given away through a leaked AMD slide. This one sheds some light on the important dates in the products launch cycle. We finally know now that the much awaited APU will officially be announced on the 5th of December.


This given date is more like a soft launch since there would be no market availability but the company from there on is officially going to start posting the press releases. Though the official announcement is going to be within the first week of December, the chips will not be shipped out to the OEM vendors by late December this year. This indicates that these chips will not be available for sale though retail channels before the month of February (the expected time is mid of this month).


Moving on to the highlights and details of this newly developed APU by AMD, the chip has been built with the new socket FM2+ package which readily supports AMD’s new A88X chipset. Moreover, the CPU cores of Kaveri will be based on the next-generation “Steamroller” micro-architecture. As compared to “Piledriver”, which is a new GPU based on the Graphics Core Next micro-architecture, this one offers a performance upgrade by almost a 10 percent. The TrueAudio technology, faster DDR3 memory standards and the PCI-Express gen 3.0 bus interface all make this worth the wait.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive