AMD Radeon HD 7990 Benchmarked!

AMD’s latest graphics card the Radeon HD 7990 is expected to launch this week so it is no doubt we would see some benchmarks surface before the official release. Below you will find benchmarks testing the Radeon HD 7990 against NVIDIA’s GTX 690 and NVIDIA’s GTX Titan. The two tests include 3DMark Fire Strike and Battlefield 3 running at 5760 x 1080 resolution. Read on to see the benchmark results!

hd7990 bench2

As you can see in the 3DMark Fire Strike test the Radeon HD 7990 beats both NVIDIA cards in both tests. Here are the official scores:

3DMark FireStrike Performance
– AMD Radeon HD 7990: 11479 Marks
– NVIDIA GeForce Titan: 9863 Marks
– NVIDIA GeForce 690: 8859 Marks

3DMark FireStrike Extreme
– AMD Radeon HD 7990: 5854Marks
– NVIDIA GeForce Titan: 5079 Marks
– NVIDIA GeForce 690: 4470 Marks

Now that is of course a synthetic test, how does the card do in a real game test?

hd7990 bench1

Looking at these results the Radeon HD 7990 is on top again beating the GTX 690 by 3.7 FPS. Here are the official scores:

Battlefield 3 – 5760 x 1080 4x AA
– AMD Radeon HD 7990: 57 FPS
– NVIDIA GeForce Titan: 53.3 FPS
– NVIDIA GeForce 690: 40.3 FPS

In the end it looks like AMD has the faster card, but not by that much, at least in real game tests. Expect to see full reviews of the AMD Radeon HD 7990 on Wednesday the 24th.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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