Intel Haswell Desktop CPU Prices Leaked

Prices for Intel’s upcoming “Haswell” desktop processors has been leaked by VR-Zone! These processors are rumored to be launching in June around the same time as Computex. Looking at the prices they are very similar to the Ivy Bridge processors which were released in April of 2012. The flagship chip, which is the Core i7-4770K will have a MSRP of $327. Read on to see the rest of the prices.

haswell prices

There are a total of 8 processors listed above, while we know there will be 14 processors available on launch day. The fastest Core i5 chip, the i5-4670K will have a MSRP of $230. At this price it will be $35 more expensive than AMD’s FX-8350, but it will also feature the new Haswell architecture and HD 4600 (GT2) graphics as all processors listed above have.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive

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