AMD Radeon RX 6000 Graphics Cards Are Now Being Sold At Just 12% over MSRP

The April price trend report on the current-gen Radeon RX 6000 and GeForce RTX 30 series has been published by the 3DCenter. So far, this report has managed to be the most accurate insight into the GPU market. The report bases its findings on data gathered from the German and Austrian retailers. And not just that, this is also the longest running analysis on this particular type; beginning from the time when the prices took a hike in January 2021.

AMD nVidia Retail Price Trend 2021 2022 v6

This year the prices have started going down tremendously. We have witnessed a price drop starting from 80% over the MSRP to 12-19% at the moment. This is the cheapest that the current generation graphics cards have been in 16 months. The report usually comes out every three weeks and with each report we have seen a double-digit percentage point decrease. If this trend continues, we might be seeing the graphics cards getting down to their MSRP soon.

The data also sheds light on the availability of the GPU which has never looked this promising. The reason behind this is the anticipation of the pricing getting down to below MSRP while next generation GPUs are set to launch in the coming months. So far we haven’t heard of any price cut announcements from AMD or NVIDIA nor are there any bundles which help boost sales.

amd rx 6000 series 1

With this, the pressure on GPU manufacturers is enormous as they are expected to launch their next-gen GPUs within the next five to six months. We already know that AMD is all set to introduce the updated RDNA2 RX 6x50XT series in May.

Via 3DCentre