Newegg Expands PC Customization with Laser Engraving

Newegg (NASDAQ: NEGG), a leading global technology e-commerce retailer, today announced that it now offers personal laser engraving on both PC cases and custom PC builds. With customization continuing to grow in popularity among e-commerce customers, Newegg’s new laser engraving capabilities enable PC users and gamers to make their systems unique to them. Customers can choose a variety of font styles and sizes. The placement of the text can also be customized to the user’s choice.

“PC owners want their system to be 100 percent unique and reflect their own personal style, whether they build it themselves or they receive it pre-built,” said Vishal Mane, Director of Engineering for ENIAC, Newegg’s custom PC assembly division. “We’re continuing to offer innovative services to customers who want a PC build, not just to ensure we offer the latest, state-of-the-art components, but also to develop ways to make a statement with the system’s appearance. A laser engraving option has been requested by customers, and we responded by enabling them to truly make their PCs one-of-a-kind.”

newegg eniac 1

Laser engraving prices start at $49.99. (Prices are subject to change.)

For more information and to order a laser-engraved PC build or case, visit this page.

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