AYANEO Is All Set To Launch World’s Thinnest Windows OLED Handheld Gaming Console Next Month

Owning to the preference for portability, the handheld gaming consoles market has done exceptionally well for itself in recent years. Many products have been launched by the likes of AyaNeo, GDP, Valve, and OneXPlayer. All these names are the reason behind the popularity of these handheld devices.

ayaneo lite scale

AyaNeo is on its way to launch a new console as confirmed by the company’s CEO. This one will be equipped with an OLED and will launch next month if things go as planned. AyaNeo claims that this new product line will be the thinnest and lightest product series of Windows handheld consoles. It has also been clarified that the new OLED series is in no way to compete with the existing lineup of Next Pro but will be placed alongside.


This new announcement won’t likely have any impact on the market scenario but we are sure that the Nintendo Switch OLED or the OneXplayer Mini console will definitely feel some pressure.


At the start of the year, AyaNeo announced its Next series with the Ryzen 5000 series APUs. It has already been confirmed by the company that it is all set to launch the Ryzen 6000 based console later this year and we are very sure that it will be way more interesting with its graphics performance.

Via VideoCardz