Thermalright Launches Anti-Bending Frame For Intel Alder Lake-S Processors

Taiwanese company Thermalright has recently launched a bending frame for the Alder Lake series processors. These processors by Intel are likely to bend or even warp.

Thermalright LGA1700 antibending 2

Bending issue results from the pressure which is applied when the system is latched for the LGA1700 socket. Once the processor starts to bend, it will consequently also cause the integrated heat spreader (IHS) to bend and lose its uniform shape. It is obvious that once the IHS is disturbed, the cooling efficiency will be highly compromised as there will be a gap between the cooler and the processor.

This heating complexity has surfaced for quite some time now and many enthusiasts tried to tackle it in their own ways. Some tried manual motherboard mods while some even tried different 3D printed frames with an anti-bend sturdy body. Intel, in its recent statement to Tom’s Hardware, has admitted there is an issue but at the same time also confirmed that even with a small warp, the system will run within specifications. Where Intel should have stepped forward and provided a reliable solution to this glitch, it has announced that any custom modification will void the warranty.

Thermalright LGA1700 antibending 3

However, even after this statement by Intel, some companies are bent upon finding a solution and are working towards a way to somehow prevent this bending. One of these companies is the Taiwanese based Thermalright which has just rolled out its “Bending Corrector Frame” fothe r Alder Lake processor. This new frame, which is available in two colors, has been specifically designed for the LGA1700 socket. The frame has been priced at only 6 USD but might cost you the warranty Intel was threatening about.

Via Taobao