AMD EXPO (EXtended Profiles for Overclocking) Is Ready For Ryzen 7000 DDR5 Memory Overclocking

Earlier this year we started hearing about this new AMD RAMP (Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile) technology. However, there might be some reports which disagree with this name.

Some of us have received details on AMD’s up and coming technology which is named as EXPO. Before moving on, let’s clarify that EXPO doesn’t stand for any event; it rather means “Extended Profiles for Overclocking” and is basically an alternative to Intel’s XMP 3.0.

AMD EXPO Trademark

EXPO hasn’t surfaced for the first time though. Back in February this year, AMD filed a trademark for EXPO. From what we know about the description, this might possibly be related to memory. However, there is no explanation provided by AMD on what EXPO is. The little information we have gathered from our sources suggests that EXPO will store two memory overclocking profiles for the DDR5 series. One of these two profiles will be optimized for a high bandwidth use while the other will be used for low latency. The second profile, however, might be optional.

It is also highly possible that EXPO will support all DDR5 memory types including the SO-DIMM, UDIMM and the RDIMM. This makes EXPO a very likely candidate for appearing on laptops in the near future.

Our first DDR5 platform for gaming is our Raphael platform and one of the awesome things about Raphael is that we are really gonna try to make a big splash with overclocking and I’ll just kinda leave it there but speeds that you maybe thought couldn’t be possible, may be possible with this overclocking spec.

— Joseph Tao, Memory Enabling Manager at AMD

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