Gigabyte Announces AORUS 17X Gaming Laptop With 16-core & 5GHz Core i9-12900HX Processor

Gigabyte becomes the first in the market to publicly announce a gaming laptop with a 16 core 12th-gen core CPU. Intel hasn’t made an official announcement as of yet, but Gigabyte definitely didn’t stay behind and has already listed its first AORUS 17X laptop with a Core i9-12900HX processor.

AORUS 17X Alder LakeHX 3

The new 55W SKU is based on a 16 core CPU and is part of the new series of Intel CPUs which are based on desktop-class silicon with 8 performance cores. This is quite a jump from the regular 6 cores which are already available in the market on the mobile Alder Lake-H/P series.

AORUS 17X Alder LakeHX 2

The AORUS 17X YE will be Gigabyte’s new flagship gaming laptop with a 16-core i9-12900HX processor boosting 5.0 GHz. On top of this, it will feature the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics which has a TDP of 130W. This is NVIDIA’s latest mobile card which is based on the GA103 GPU. Moreover, the entire system is backed by a HM670 motherboard, with a GDDR5 – 4800 memory of 64 GB.

AORUS 17X Alder LakeHX 4

The physical specs of the AORUS 17X make it hard on portability. It is in no way a laptop that is meant to be carried around. It weighs 2.7 kg in total with its 17.3-inch 1080p 360Hz panel.

AORUS 17X Alder LakeHX

Regarding the Alder Lake-HX series, Intel hasn’t made any official announcement yet but we are putting our money on May when we will finally get to hear some sort of confirmation.

Via VideoCardz