ZADAK Announces Spark RGB DDR5 Memory

ZADAK is launching the new SPARK RGB DDR5 desktop gaming memory modules. These modules will be the company’s first with a DDR5 format. We have seen the company’s obsession with high end hardware and it will be safe to say that their memory modules will be something special too.


The DDR4 memory modules were impressive enough to give us high hopes for this one. For the DDR5 format, everything seems to have been improved a notch including the performance, capacity, stability and the power-saving efficiency. With speeds ranging from 5200 MHz to 6400 MHz, and capacities of 16 GB and 32 GB, this will surely be a hit with early adopters and high-end gamers.

ZADAK Spark RGB DDR5 880x587 1

The power management chips on the SPARK RGB DDR5 gaming memory modules help to reduce the noise made in the circuit. These chips ensure that the power fluctuations remain in control and hence allow the entire system to function efficiently. The DDR5 also supports on-die ECC error correction which means that the data errors in the memory will be calculated and fixed automatically.

“The SPARK RGB DDR5 is ZADAK’s first DDR5 gaming memory module. Featuring significant improvements to performance, capacity, stability and power-saving efficiency, it is aimed at the high-end gaming market and ushers in a new trend. This model combines design elements of a white matte frosted texture and colorful lighting, which is more aesthetically pleasing for gaming. It’s perfectly compatible with many high-end motherboards on the market. And the on-die ECC debug mechanism and support for XMP3.0 not only allow players one-click overclocking without manual adjustments but also ensure stable system operation.” – ZADAK

ZADAK Spark RGB DDR5 2 1

The SPARK RGB DDR5 is an out of the box solution ready to be used with ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, and ASRock Polychrome Syn or Razer Chroma.