AMD Ryzen 5 7540U Zen4 “Phoenix” APU Spotted Featuring Radeon 740M Integrated RDNA3 GPU

Although AMD hasn’t officially released the 7040 Series Phoenix APUs yet, a new version has been discovered online called the AMD Ryzen 5 7540U. It has 6 cores and 12 threads, uses AMD’s Zen 4 architecture, and has an RDNA3 iGPU. This SKU will be added to the list of recently found Ryzen 5 7640U and Ryzen 7 7840U.

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It is currently unclear how many different versions (SKUs) of the Ryzen 7040 U-Series AMD will be released, but three have been discovered online so far. The Ryzen 7040 Series was previously mentioned in a slide and was said to be designed for thin and light devices with a TDP range of 15 W to 28 W. It’s important to note that AMD will also be releasing non-U Phoenix APUs for the “thin enthusiast” HS-series segment with a TDP range of 35 W to 45 W. In addition, there’s the “ultra enthusiast” HX-series segment that includes the recently launched 7045 Series Dragon Range APUs.

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Benchmarks for the new Ryzen 5 7540U have been found in Lenovo LNVNB161216 and ASUS ROG Flow X13 laptops. This SKU features 6 cores and 12 threads, as well as a Radeon 740M graphics card. Unfortunately, the benchmark suites don’t provide any additional information, but the Radeon 740M is currently the lowest tier iGPU that has been seen. The Ryzen 5 7640U comes with an 8 CU Radeon 760M iGPU, while the Ryzen 7 7840U has a 12 CU Radeon 780M. We’re hoping that AMD will release more official details for the Ryzen 7040 U-series APUs soon, and that we’ll get to see the first thin and light laptops using them.

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