AMD To Launch Zen3 Based Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Soon

AMD hosted several virtual events in the last few months, but they did not reveal any official plans for Ryzen Threadripper 5000. We can expect the Zen3 based high-performance desktop (HEDT) series, aka Threadripper 5000 soon, as AMD had already introduced its Vermeer (AM4 Zen3) series back in November 2020.

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In the last Threadripper series launch in July 2020, the pro variants were released that arrived in the DIY market last month. The non-pro variant was launched in November 2019, which means that the Threadripper series has not been updated for the last 16 months.

The next-gen Threadripper series is codenamed “Chagall.” The series is expected to have compatibility with current TRX40 motherboards; hence motherboard makers are waiting for a new AGESA firmware update with Chagall support.

Sources at Videocardz state that AMD is facing issues with the development of Zen3 based Threadripper. Not only this, but some engineering samples were tested a few weeks ago, and they failed to provide the same performance as the AM4 desktop CPU series; hence many board partners are awaiting an update from AMD regarding the series.

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The interesting part is that HWinfo recently received an update that states that the software will now be able to detect next-generation AMD Threadripper.

It is too early to say if the update relies on early CPUID information, or the software developer has some insider news on the arrival of Threadripper 5000 in the coming months.

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