Microsoft Now Submerging Servers Into Liquid Baths

We all know how liquid can mess up with our electronics upon contact; however, Microsoft is just doing the opposite. Microsoft’s employees are using liquid cooling to cool their data centers down.

As computers become more powerful, the air cooling is getting less efficient, and the same goes for the data centers; hence Microsoft is using a specially engineered fluid from 3M, which is harmless to electronics. The liquid is engineered to boil at 122 degrees Fahrenheit which is 90 degrees lower than the boiling point of water. This temperature allows the CPU’s heat to be transferred into the fluid.

A condenser is also placed in the couch-shaped tank. It condenses all the vapors produced, which then fall back to the liquid hence making it a closed-loop system.

“Liquid cooling enables us to go denser, and thus continue the Moore’s Law trend at the datacenter level,” explained Christian Belady, a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer and vice president of the datacenter advanced development group in Redmond, Wash.

Let’s see what other interesting technology Microsoft is working on.

Via Microsoft