AMD To Power Next-Generation Nintendo Console

Nintendo is working on a new next-generation console that will succeed the Wii U. Nintendo is reacting to lower sales and its competitive edge compared to current consoles like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Many reports suggest that Nintendo might change-course in the direction of its console business much like it did with the original Wii. The company could come up with a system that is focused on serious gaming, but still retain that original “fun” quality. So the console could be more NES-like than Wii-like.

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It has been rumored that AMD will power this next-generation console. It is not very clear if AMD will supply a fully-integrated SoC that combines it own x86 CPU cores with a GCN graphics processor or simply a GPU component for an SoC that combines components from other manufacturers. For example the Wii U uses IBM CPU cores with an AMD GPU combined into a single chip. AMD executives have repeatedly confirmed in interviews that they have received two custom processor business orders and have said these new orders will start generating revenue in 2016. There is no word when Nintendo would be announcing this console, but expect a lot more news on this in 2015-16.

Source: TechpowerUp via Expreview | News Archive

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