APACER Introduces Its First Consumer PCIe Gen5 SSDs With Up To 13,000 MB/s Read Speed

Companies working on storage solutions are keener than ever to quickly shift to the PCIe Gen5 architecture. And surprisingly enough, even after 7 months of the Alder Lake desktop platforms, there still isn’t the option of getting our hands on the Gen5 storage.

This is where Zadak and Apacer come to play; they are the first ones to announce their products, the AS2280F5 and the TWSG5. Both these are Gen5 x4 SSDs which will come with pre-attached heatsinks. The company has also ensured that these will be backwards compatible with the Gen4 as well. However, the company is building up on its popularity by promising read and write speeds of 13,000 MB/s and 12,000 MB/s respectively, and this requires the Gen5 system.

So far no announcements have been made regarding the capacity of the new SSDs. Even the announcement made today doesn’t include the release date or even the pricing. The only thing we know so far is that both the SSDs will be available by this year’s end, as confirmed by Apacer.