MSI Shares AMD X670 Motherboard Dual-Chipset Design

MSI has been sharing information regarding the AMD EXPO technology related to the DDR5 profiles for memory overclocking. Alongside this, they have also published an installation guide for the engineering sample of the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU. Since MSI has taken all the liberty to make this information public, AMD has shown its reservation related to this. MSI probably didn’t get the memo; Computex was only supposed to be a showcase, not a full hands-on reveal. This is the reason behind some of the information already being removed after AMD’s request.

AMD X670 MSI 1

Despite AMD’s disagreement with this approach, MSI has continued to move ahead in the same direction. Part of their Insider stream was the showcasing of the AMD X670 chipset design. What was missing in this design was the heat spreaders. Thanks to MSI, we were able to see a dual chipset design for the first time because AMD had only announced this design but never showed it.

AMD X670 MSI 2

Let’s recall the specifications on the AMD Am5 platform. It comes featuring the LGA1718 socket which is going to host the CPUs with a socket power of 170W PPT. These CPUs will be based on the Zen4 architecture and will extend support for DDR5 memory and for devices supported by PCIe Gen5. Moving on to the absence of the heat spreaders, it had already been confirmed by AMD itself that both the X670 chipsets will not require active cooling. This not only lowered the total cost of developing the chipset but also simplified the design.

Via VideoCardz