Chinese OEMs Caught Selling GeForce RTX 30 Laptop GPUs as Desktop Mining Cards

NVIDIA’s very own GeForce RTX 3060 and 3070 Laptop GPUs are being sold out as desktop cards by Chinese OEMs. This seems like an easy way out of the Lite Hash Rate restriction on the desktop GPUs. As we all know, these are purely mining cards aimed at crypto-mining and that’s how they have always been advertised.

NVIDIA 3070M 3060M Mining cards

It is also noteworthy that LHR remains to be the only problem. Not to forget that LHR restrictions have already been bypassed. But it should also remain a fact that mobile GPUs are not meant to go into desktop cards for starters. The only reason for doing so here is to bypass the mining restrictions. NVIDIA has surprisingly not started its own crackdown on this practice which has been going around for quite a few months now.

The gamers remain to be the ones who take the loss because ultimately an even fewer number of mobile RTX 30 GPUs go into laptops. Some other shady OEMs are making a profit by repurposing these same GPUs for desktop mining cards. Many of these cards are on sale as shown by the listings on Taobao. The advertising for these cards majorly focuses on the mining capabilities and performance.


Although this has been going on very publicly for a few months, there is nothing that NVIDIA has done so far to stop this from happening. This explains why the 3060/3070 laptops are still selling at such high price points.

Via VideoCardz