COUGAR Announces Its VANTAR S Ultra-thin Gaming Keyboard

COUGAR announces its VANTAR S gaming keyboard with an ultra-thin design featuring a pantograph mechanism.


Thanks to the keyboard’s flat design, the ultimate height of the keyboard has been kept extremely low at 16.3 mm, a lot shorter than the height of a standard keyboard which is usually 35 mm high. Then we have the special “Scissor-Switch” pantograph mechanism which has been used in the key switch and helps to provide not only silent but a smooth input operation too. The keycaps are flat and thin and give the keyboard an overall sleek look. All keys come with a built-in RGB LED which is built in behind the keys. The bottom of the screen features a light bar with RGB Underglow lighting effects. Users will be able to play around with 8 different effect lighting patterns.


On top of this, the keyboard offers a simultaneous press capability which means that its 19-key rollover is centered on the WASD keys which are mostly used during gaming. Anti-ghosting has also been enabled which will help to prevent input omissions and as a result will generate a more accurate input of multiple keys simultaneously.

With the sleek and thin design, the total weight of the keyboard stands at only 910 g. The cable that comes the keyboard is 1.6 m long and can be connected via USB.