Lite Hash Rate Re-enabled Via NVIDIA’s Latest Graphics Driver

Talking about the RTX 30 series, be careful when updating to the latest driver 512.95 which will no longer allow users to bypass the LHR crypto-limiter. After the new driver is installed, all previous Windows mining software will come back to its original hash rate. This will usually range between 50 to 70%, with variations based on the algorithm and the type of software.


However, this change is not entirely permanent; the new driver update can be reversed. All miners have to do is reverse the new update and install the previous driver 512.77 and it will be able to unlock the LHR completely. If you think of it this way, it doesn’t appear to be such a huge problem. The most impact this new update will make is on miners who are already struggling. Those who are serious miners will probably revert back to the previous driver.

nicehash rtx 3080 ti lhr

NVIDIA introduced Lite Hash Rate to ensure that miners don’t buy their cards. However, the miners quickly figured out their way around this and unlocked the LHR. The hash rate they touched was merely 70 percent though and the full LHR unlock was only available for a short period of two weeks.

According to the Youtuber, Juliano Caju, His RTX 3060 card is limited to 25 MH/s ETH hashrate with ‘nbminer’, while it was 46 MH/s on the unlocked driver.

Via VideoCardz