Apple 2013 iPhone Release Event Reportedly On September 6th

The latest rumor we have been hearing is that the Apple 2013 iPhone release event will take place on September 6th. This could be the same event Apple unveils their new Haswell-powered Macbook Pro’s at. It has been speculated that Apple will not just be releasing just one iPhone, but actually two! The next generation iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S, and the second iPhone would be a cheaper more budget orientated iPhone. It has been referred to lately as the iPhone Lite.

iPhone 5S

Both phones are expected to be unveiled at an event September 6th, although no official confirmation has come from Apple just yet. The September month marks one year since Apple released the iPhone 5, this would keep with the normal release schedule Apple has had over the past few years.

An analyst has predicted that once the announcement is made Apple could start shipping the phones on September 27th.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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