Apple Execs Say M2 Chips Are Winning Over Gamers

Apple’s 2023 MacBook Pro models are the most recent addition to the company’s extensive catalogue of Mac items with custom chipsets. Several new Apple products will be released later this year, and gaming on the Mac was one of the subjects mentioned in an interview conducted by Apple executives.

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Although it is possible to play AAA games on M2 Macs, Apple officials feel that this is a long-term strategy and that users will not immediately migrate to this platform. Apple officials feel the AAA gaming community has begun to recognize the potential of current-generation Macs.

“Game developers have never seen 96 gigabytes of graphics memory available to them now, on the M2 Max. I think they’re trying to get their heads around it, because the possibilities are unusual. They’re used to working in much smaller footprints of video memory. So I think that’s another place where we’re going to have an interesting opportunity to inspire developers to go beyond what they’ve been able to do before.”

Tim Millet, Apple’s vice president of Platform Architecture and Hardware Technologies, and Bob Borchers, vice president of worldwide product marketing, highlighted numerous features of Apple Silicon Macs, including gaming. As most readers are aware, Macs are not regarded as the ‘go-to’ machines for AAA gaming. However, company executives stated that this would change over time, especially with the addition of Capcom titles.

Obviously, it will take years to attract “gamers” to the Mac, but the road must start somewhere. Borchers believes that Apple Silicon has made it possible for the Mac family to incorporate gaming features, but he believes that a great deal of work remains. Macs will continue to be utilized for productivity and by creative professionals for the foreseeable being.

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In addition, the M-series offers a unified memory architecture, which is distinct from existing alternatives. Millet argues that developers lack a firm grasp on this new design, which may explain their reluctance to gravitate comfortably.

We anticipate Apple will upgrade its SoCs to make them more competitive in gaming, but for this generation, a substantial amount of work remains.

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