Apple Launches New iMac With Powerful M1 Chip And 24-Inch 4.5K Display

Apple has officially released its new iMac. This new iMac revolutionises the design for Apple’s all in one desktop with its razor thin body. It is 11.5 mm thick and entirely flat.


Besides the thin bezels, the new iMac is available in unique colours, which includes: blue, red, green, silver, purple, orange and yellow.

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The iMac’s display measures 24-inch and has a 4.5K resolution with True Tone support. Moreover, Apple has also increased the speaker’s volume by 50% percent, and a 1080p camera has replaced the previously offered 720p camera. Furthermore, it is also the first iMac to feature the M1 chip, and Apple claims it is 85% faster than its Intel variants.

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You can also choose three matching coloured keyboards along with a built-in Touch ID sensor and an integrated number pad with your iMac. Apple also offers Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard.

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The entry-level iMac with M1 SoC (8-core CPU/7-core GPU), 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, and two Thunderbolt ports is priced at $1299, where you can choose from 4 colours. The price also includes Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. The price tag of $1,499 gets you an M1 SOC with 7-cores GPU along with USB 3 ports and two Thunderbolt ports. Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Ethernet are also provided.

Via Apple