Apple to Unveil Next Generation iPhone on September 10th

According to AllThingsD, citing sources with knowledge of the event Apple will unveil its next iPhone on September 10th. While the date of the announcement has been revealed we are unsure whether the event will focus on the upcoming iPhone 5S or if it will include the low-cost iPhone which many people are calling the “iPhone 5C”.


The iPhone 5C is aimed at emerging markets and shares many similarities with the iPhone 5. Leaked photos and parts tell us that it has a similar shape and size, but will have rounded corners, a thicker form factor, and a polycarbonate shell. As you may have heard this iPhone will be offered in a variety of colors as well.

The upcoming iPhone 5S is rumored to have many improvements over the iPhone 5. These may include a fingerprint sensor, a 12-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and iOS 7. We suspect that iOS 7 will become publicly available after the announcement.

Image courtesy of Mac Rumors

Source: AllThingsD via Mac Rumors | News Archive

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