AMD Volcanic Islands Possibly Based on Current GCN Architectures Except Hawaii XT and Hawaii Pro

We all know that AMD will be announcing the next generation Volcanic Islands family in Hawaii on September 25th. VR-Zone has obtained some interesting information that other than the Hawaii GPU-based cards the other cards in the Volcanic Islands family will be largely based off the current GCN architecture.


AMD has put the final touches on their Volcanic Islands family and will first show off the Hawaii XT and Hawaii Pro cards. These new cards will be based off a new 28nm process design architecture which will bring faster performance which may be comparable to NVIDIA’s GK110 based cards as shown in the latest leaked benchmark. Hawaii XT will replace the current HD 7970 GPU and Hawaii Pro will replace the HD 7950 GPU.

But it seems that these will be the only two cards based on the new architecture. The rest of the Volcanic Islands series would be refreshed or enhanced versions of the current GCN architecture.

As it seems the chip that would replace the Pitcairn based HD 7800 series could be the Curacao XT and Curacao Pro. The chip that would replace the Cape Verde 7700 series would be the Boniare XTX and Boniare Pro.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive

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