Microsoft Says It Has No Intention of Abandoning Windows RT

Unfortunately Windows RT (Microsoft’s new operating system developed specially for tablets with ARM chips) is not getting much success. Sales have not been up to mark and pretty disappointing so far. A number of large companies have completely decided to abandon the sales and either move to full version of Windows 8 or Android.

Windows RT Tablet

Surprisingly on the other hand, Microsoft, which has no intentions of abandoning on Windows RT, has promised to launch even more ARM-based devices in upcoming months. It has already started working on the platform and remains committed to it. So hang on folks, you might get to see new ARM based Windows devices showcasing later this year.

Sources also enlighten the fact that Microsoft is believed to be working on the second-generation Surface tablet that should be released by the holiday season and also launching an 8-inch unit to come in competition with the iPad mini and Nexus 7.

News is that Microsoft will keep on pushing Windows RT and Windows 8.1 with a second generation of Surface tablets. We have also heard that Microsoft will be collaborating with Qualcomm and NVIDIA to develop the new series of Surface tablets.

The new variety of Surface tablets is expected to arrive in last quarter of this year and starting price will be $250.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive