Apple’s AR Headset Now Expected To Launch In June

Reports indicate that Apple’s AR headset, which was originally slated for release before this year’s WWDC keynote, has been delayed and is now expected to launch in June. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the device is likely to be revealed during the WWDC keynote.

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The delays suggest that there may be software issues with the headset, and Apple is working to fix these issues after continued testing. The headset will reportedly have a high price tag and target a small percentage of customers. If there are more software issues, Apple may face criticism for releasing an unfinished product at such a high cost($2000-$3000). The headset, called Reality Pro and running on new software called xrOS, will be Apple’s first product in this category, and it is expected that the company will experience some roadblocks.

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From overheating issues to hand and eye control functions to weight balancing, there are various challenges that Apple’s engineers and software developers must overcome. It is possible that even if the AR headset is unveiled at WWDC, Apple may delay its release by a few weeks. The future of the product remains uncertain, but we will keep updating our readers about any advancements in the future.

Via Bloomberg