GeForce RTX 4090 Need For Speed Edition Shows Up on Auction Site

The RTX 4090 is not a GPU that is suitable for everyone. As a flagship Ada desktop model, it requires a high-wattage power supply and additional space in the chassis. However, what would happen if someone won this card in an official giveaway, despite these requirements? This is precisely what occurred with one of the 18 RTX 4090 NFS edition cards that were included in the special January giveaway.

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The owner of the card has the complete right to utilize it however they see fit since they are the rightful owner. In this case, one owner decided to sell it and utilize the funds for other purposes. Given that the RTX 4090 is currently the most expensive model and the Founders Edition is not consistently available, these cards can still be located on many auction sites for well over $2000 USD.

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In January, NVIDIA unveiled a unique giveaway featuring the GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition, which included a customized backplate. Interestingly, the backplate is not permanently affixed to the card, as it was delivered separately. Presently, both the card and the backplate are available for purchase on a Canadian marketplace, with the GPU priced at $3100 CAD and the backplate priced at $100 CAD.

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For the 55,000 giveaway participants, it may be disheartening to encounter such a scarce card on a second hand market. However, on the other hand, this presents an opportunity for someone else to purchase the NFS Unbound backplate for their RTX 4090 card, which they would otherwise never have the opportunity to acquire.

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Numerous gamers who are unable to upgrade their PC solely to accommodate the RTX 4090 would likely follow a similar course of action. While the card was offered for free, it is being sold for a price that directly corresponds to the amount listed on the invoice, thus eliminating any potential for price gouging.

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Images Credit: Kijiji, Videocardz