Apple’s M1X MacBook Pro Models Will Be Limited to 32GB RAM

All the M1-based Macs offered a limited 16 GB RAM. It is sufficient for the majority of users, but a higher RAM brings better multitasking opportunities. A previous report mentioned that the M1X MacBook Pro will support up to 64GB RAM. Unfortunately, according to a recent report, the upcoming model will only support up to 32GB RAM.

M1X 1030x583 1

Youtuber Luke Miani reported the limitation and assumes that the M1X chip is the cause. This upgraded Mac mini will be limited to 32GB RAM when it debuts with the redesigned MacBook Pro line during Q4 2021. 32GB is an upgrade compared to the 16GB RAM offered with M1, but this would have broken the hearts of those who were excited for 64GB RAM.

Apps operating on macOS can be optimized for proper memory, but more RAM is always beneficial for memory-intensive tasks being performed in parallel. The news from Youtuber indicates that Apple’s rumored M2X based Silicon iMac could be limited to 32GB RAM too.

M1 Mac models 1480x833 1

Let us hope that Apple will not implement this limitation when it will unveil custom chipsets-based workstation-grade hardware soon. Besides the limitation, there is some good news too. Another report states that new 14-inch and 16-inch portable Macs will have a UHS-II card reader, which allows compatible storage cards to achieve data transfer speeds of up to 312MB/s.

Moreover, the redesigned M1X MacBook Pro will offer MagSafe charging, an HDMI port, and mini-LED screens.

Via Luke Miani