Apple’s M1X Specs Sheet Leaked

Apple will release its new MacBook Pro in Q2 2021. Their main highlight will be the latest Apple silicon equipped inside them. Rumors suggest that it will be named the M1X.

M1X 1030x583 1

The spec sheet is available on CPU Monkey. The spec sheet shows that the M1X will be based on 12 cores, where the 12 cores will be divided among eight Firestorm performance cores and four Icestorm power-efficient cores.

The clock speed is mentioned at 3.2GHz, but the speed is most likely for the performance cores. As for the GPU, it is stated that the GPU will feature 16 cores and 256 execution units. If these are the actual specs for M1X, then it will house double the amount of performance cores, GPU cores, and execution units compared to the M1.

The M1X will allow users to connect up to three monitors simultaneously. The specifications portray that M1X is a solid upgrade over its predecessor but at the cost of a higher TDP. The TDP is mentioned at 35W, which can go up to 45W depending on the workload.

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A higher TDP translates to Apple opting for powerful coolers in their upcoming rumored 14.1-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. The rumored models might have bigger capacities, but even then, users wouldn’t get the battery life as the M1-based MacBook delivered. On the other hand, the upcoming Macs will feature a higher RAM capacity of up to 32GB.

The spec sheet’s accuracy can not be confirmed yet. This means that the information might change once Apple officially releases the MacBook Pro models.

Via CPU Monkey