Aqua Computer Announces Kryographics NEXT Water Blocks for RTX 20-series

Today Aqua Computer is proud to present the kryographics NEXT 2080 / Ti. These are the most sophisticated coolers Aqua Computer ever produced for graphics cards. All components are CNC machined in Aqua Computers own production facility in Germany and manufactured from the highest quality materials. The complex base plate is milled from 1.8kg raw material, the finished cooler weighs about 1.25kg – with backplate about 1.5kg.

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With the NEXT generation of the kryographics series, function and design have been significantly enhanced. The desire for a full-cover cooler was taken into account and the solid copper base almost completely covers the entire card and cools all components described by Nvidia in the technical documentation as a significant heat source. The water flow in the cooler was optimized for high flow rates and direct overflushing of almost all relevant components with some areas flowing through in parallel.

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The cooler consists of a CNC milled and high-precision manufactured base plate with improved GPU cooling structure. This is covered by a lid made of high quality Plexiglas GS and a black anodized aluminum housing encloses it.

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An RGBpx LED illumination is integrated which can be addressed e. g. with Aqua Computers QUADRO control; alternatively an adapter for Asus mainboards is also included in the cooler package. The integrated lighting has 15 individually controllable digital LEDs and illuminates the entire Plexiglas cover, a RTX logo has been integrated into the aluminum cover and another one next to the terminal. This bears the name of the card and is easily visible in ATX compatible PC cases.

The terminals are compatible to the previous kryographics series and therefore the kryoconnect adapter kits for SLI setups can be used further. Special highlights are the VISION terminals with integrated OLED display and the VISION Glow with additional lighting in the terminal. Terminals with connections parallel to the card will also be available later. These are aimed at customers with vertically installed graphics cards. As always, the threads are made in G1/4″.

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A backplate with the option for active cooling through Aqua Computers patented heatpipe system for cooling the backplate is also available and can be combined with a VISION enabled terminal.

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The kryographics NEXT 2080 / Ti is available with a raw copper or nickel plated base plate. In addition to the variant with the acrylic glass cover, there will be a very elegant version with a Delrin cover without the aluminum edging. The option for a nickel plated base plate exists for both versions of the cover. We are also working on a chromed backplate.

The kryographics NEXT 2080 Ti will be available in a few days and can be already ordered in Aqua Computers own webshop. The kryographics NEXT 2080 (non-Ti) should be available by the end of the year.

The model with acrylic glass cover and copper base plates comes at 149.90 Euro. For a nickel plated base plate Aqua Computer charges 15.00 Euro in addition. Prices for the later version with the Delrin cover will start at 119.90 Euro The backplates will cost 32.90 Euro in the passive cooled version and 47.90 Euro in the active cooled version. VISION enabled terminals start at 39.90 Euro. All mentioned prices include 19% VAT.

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