Arc GPUs To Offer Better Ray Tracing Than NVIDIA’s RTX, According To Intel

While talking to PCGamer, Intel revealed that their Arc GPUs will have competitive pricing, and not just that, they will also offer better ray tracing performance as compared to the competitors. Intel is also planning its next generation of Arc GPUs which will come after Alchemist.

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Jacob Ridley, a Senior Hardware Editor at PCGamer, recently went to IFA 2022 in Berlin. That’s where he met some of the most important people at Intel including Tom Peterson and Ryan Shrout. Following this meeting, we have a lot of inside juice on the Arc GPUs as well as the company’s RTU (Ray Tracing Unit) and its performance. There has also been some discussion regarding the prices of the GPUs.

“The RTU [ray tracing unit] that we have is particularly well suited for delivering real ray tracing performance. And you’ll see that when you do ray tracing on comparisons with an [RTX] 3060 versus A750 or A770, we should fare very, very well.

Yeah, we’re definitely competitive or better than Nvidia with ray tracing hardware.

We tried to make ours generic because we know that we’re not the established GPU vendor, right. So all of our technology pretty much has to work with low dev rel (developer relations) or dev tech engagement. And so things like our cache structure and our hierarchy, you know, our thread sorting unit, which are the two techs that we’re going to talk about in this video, they work without any dev rel or dev tech work.

I’m kind of torn on this one. Because to your point, there’s some things that you would normally expect to lag. And the reason you would expect them to lag is because they’re hard, and they need to come after you have a solid base. But for better or worse, we just said we need all these things. And so we did XeSS, we did RT, we did AV1, we kind of have a lot on the plate, right? I think we’ve learned that maybe, you know, in this case, we have a lot on the plate and we’re gonna land all the planes, and that’s taken us longer than we would have expected.

So maybe next time we would have broken this up a little bit differently.”

– Intel’s Tom Peterson via PCGamer

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Talking about competition it appears that Intel has its eyes set on NVIDIA more than AMD. Intel has already revealed its pricing strategy to be competitive and also published 50 game benchmarks for the Arc A750 graphics card which has proven to be 5% faster as compared to NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060.

Intel Arc A750 Graphics Card vs NVIDIA RTX 3060 DX12 Ultra 1080p Gaming Benchmarks 1 1480x833 2

Not only does Intel aims to come out better in pricing, but also claims that its RTU has a much better Ray Tracing performance. Tom Peterson has stated that RTU will deliver ‘Real’ Ray Tracing performance while the Arc A770 & Arc A750 are better in this regard as opposed to NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 graphics card.

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