ARCTIC Introduces New MX-5 Thermal Compound

ARCTIC has released its new Thermal Compound, the MX-5. It is available in various variants starting from 2g and up to 50g, with and without a spatula.

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The MX-5, like other ARTIC’s thermal pastes, is metal-free as it is conductive nor capacitive, which also eliminates the possibility of short circuits, corrosion damage, or discharges hence making it safe to use.

No matter what method you use to apply the MX-5, it is easier to apply due to low viscosity. The contact pressure from the heatsink allows the paste to be evenly distributed across the CPU in the shape of an extremely thin film. Its high thermal conductivity provides very low thermal resistance, which can play a role in improving the performance and service of the processor.

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The MX-5 also has carbon microparticles that are used as a filter to smooth out small imperfections on heatsinks and heat spreaders which improves the heat transfer from the component to the heat sink. It is perfect for any CPUs or GPUs, and it is even recommended for integrated circuits and semiconductor devices.

You can purchase the MX-5 from Amazon for a starting price of $5.89 USD.

Via Techpowerup